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Made in England

Made in England

Birmingham is the heart of industry and design,
including of this great looking T-shirt for men, women and children.
I am blue

I am blue (sometimes).

Feeling blue or playing the blues in Birmingham?
Wearing it could make you a few friends.
birmingham diverse city tanktop.jpg

Big B tank top

Birmingham's first letter is also its most beautiful.
birmingham great britain hoodie

I am Great Britain Hoodie

Clarifying that the UK's second city is also its greatest.
union jack heart tee shirt

Union Jack 3D Heart t-shirt

Rendering of the Selfridges heart at the Bullring wrapped in the UK flag.
Birmingham Library Font Shirt

Birmingham I am Tee

Font based on the Libray of Birmingham's cladding of interwoven circles.
Birmingham new brand

Birmingham I am T shirt

Say it loud. Say it proud. In Baskerville typeface.
Birmingham I am Cute Dress

Birmingham I am

Knowing who you are is half the battle.
Golden Heart Tank Top

Golden Heart Tank Top

Wrapping our 3D heart in the cladding of the Libary of Birmingham.
Pride Shirt

Proud Heart Shirt

Loving the spectrum of humanity.
Birmingham Bohemian

Birmingham Bohemian

Recognizing the spirited nature of those inhabiting England's heartland.
St George's Heart

St George's Heart

Dedicated to bravery and chivalry throughout the ages.
Blue 3D heart

Blue Heart

Inspired by Paco Rabanne & Selfridges Birmingham's blob architecture.

Proceeds go to support CureLeukaemia 

Details on reimaginging our city are here.

Let us know your thoughts or fill in our short survey.

Reimagining Birmingham from Brumwear Limited on Vimeo.

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